Food Additive Xanthan

CAS number 11138-66-2

See our Technical Datasheat of Food Addtives Xanthan: TDS Food Additive Xanthan

Description Xanthan

Food Additive Xanthan Gum is hydrophilic colloids to thicken and stabilizer emulsions and suspensions. It can perform high viscosities at low shear rates stabilize suspensions, and provide good flow properties when poured or spooned. It’s a kind of good thickening and stabilizing which can be widely used in food industry, like: beverage juice, ice-cream, milk, bakery, jam, ketchup etc.

food additive xanthan 11138-66-2
CAS No: 11138-66-2
Xanthan is accepted as a safe food additive!

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