UV Absorber 234

CAS number 70321-86-7


Product: UV-234 – Low Volatile Benzotriazole UV Absorber Characterization:
UV-234 is a high molecular weight ultraviolet light absorber (UVA) of the
hydroxy phenyl benzotriazole class, imparting outstanding light stability
to a variety of polymers.
Chemical name: 2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-4,6-bis(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl)phenol

CAS no: :70321-86-7

Application of UV-234

Highly effective for polymers usually processed at high temperatures such as poly-carbonate, polyesters, polyacetal, polyamides, polyphenylene sulfide, polyphenylene oxide, aromatic copolymers, thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurethane fibers, where loss of UVA is not tolerated as well as for polyvinylchloride, styrene homo- and copolymers. Applications include molded articles, films, sheets and fibers.