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Light Stabilizer

Light Stabilizer, Hindered amines belong to 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl piperidine family which amine functional group is surrounded by a crowded steric environment.

Light Stabilizer

Hindered amine were explored in 70’s, but with fast development, now as stabiliser, the consumption is biggest in quantity.

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Chemical Structure – Polymeric sterically hindered amine light stabilizer

The most advantage is that significant levels of stabilization could be achieved at low concentration, the reasons of their high efficiency and longevity are not just consumed but cyclic processed.

Product nameCAS numberTechnical Data Sheet
UV-78365447-77-0, 71878-19-8UV-Light-Stabilizer-783.pdf
UV-79171878-19-8, 52829-07-9UV-Light-Stabilizer-791.pdf

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